Photography Class


 Followed by my Past – ƒ/3.5, 18.0 mm, 8, ISO 100

My teacher, Mr. Strong, really liked this picture so I found it appropriate to upload to my portfolio. I believe that it stands out as it looks mysterious and the title really makes you question what the image is all about. My friend Francis (above) was doing a project for our Video Production Class at the time, so we decided to take this photo after I told him about my assignment in my Photography Class.

Framing Games - Framing Final Photo

Framing Games – <no info (taken on a mobile phone)>

I thought of this idea while at home. We were doing a framing assignment (where your subject is in the center of some object making it appear to be framed), and I had been playing an awful amount of The Last of Us lately; so I decided to make that game the subject of my assignment. Later, I thought of adding other games to the shot.

Fearing Germs - Phobia With Framing Final Photo

Fearing Germs – ƒ/2.2, 4.1 mm, 1/30, 125

Honestly, I just wanted to get through this assignment. All the different types of fears, mixed in with the approaching due date , and other reasons I can’t remember made me want to be DONE with this assignment. I picked the two simplest fears – Fear of the dark, and fear of germs (above). I picked germ fearing primarily because a have a fear of germs and assumed I would know how to express that feel. I honestly really like the the Photoshopping I did on this one – it really gives it a “fearful” presence in the picture.

Point of View Final Photo (Edited)

A Colorful Perspective – ƒ/5.6, 18.0 mm, 1/25, 100

This is the oldest picture on the list. This was, I believe, my third assignment in Mr. Strong’s class. When we were assigned to take a picture showing how someone or something sees the world every day. I thought of how dogs were color blind; that idea evolved into me taking this shot (above). I tried to make it appear like a small creature on the ground was walking around the school.

Forgetting Album Cover - Album Cover With Line (First Period, Mr. Strong Photography)

Forgetting [Fictional] Album Cover – ƒ/2.2, 4.1 mm, 1/15, 500

I was really excited for this assignment; we were told to take a picture for a fictional album cover, and as soon as he said that I immediately though of my old guitar (which I haven’t used in years, and also forgot how to play). So a few days later, I took this shot after school. “A2” is suppose to be the [fictional] band name. It came to me after thinking of the band “U2” (whom I’ve only listened to a few times).

For more of my photos, you can view my Flickr page here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/127530110@N03/

Video Production Class

I originally didn’t intend the video to have a greenish glow to it (it was my first time using a green screen so that’s probably why it was like that), but I decided to keep it as I thought it made the video look more like it was made around the time the original Star Wars was filmed. I thought this was one of my best videos as I really liked the camera angles in it, and the acting of my friend Dakota (who played as Luke) was fantastic. I really don’t watch that many movies, so I didn’t know what movie to pick. My teacher Mr. Strong suggested that we do an old sci-fi movie; we all agreed to do Star Wars.

While this overall project was stressful, in the end it turned out to be my absolute favorite project. I love the fact it was my first time putting background music in any video. I also like that I got to meet a few people at Heritage (who’s names and faces I have completely forgotten now) as I don’t know a lot of people here.

This was one of my simplest videos, as this was made VERY last minute. I think I shot, edited, and uploaded the whole video in one day… after a day of it being due (at least I think, I can’t remember). I love the rain, so watching this video is really fun to me – the rain also served as an inspiration as to what i should shoot.

For more of my videos, you can view my older ones here: https://vimeo.com/kobyross18, and my newer ones here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwCfNaRrOvjF98bnCPyO38Q

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